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The first duty of an artist is to master the craft.
Rudyard Kipling

STOLAR by Zbigniew Śliwiński – established 1 September 1990. For a number of years we have been manufacturing canvas stretchers.

We also offer the service of stretching images printed on canvas.

In 2011, we launched two high-performance tenoners. It has contributed significantly to the manufacturing output of stretchers, but more importantly – to the quality of joints between bars making a stretcher. Our stretchers are made of pine timber, dried in computer-controlled dryers down to 8-10% humidity level.

Since 1 July 2009 the company has changed its name to STOLAR by Jolanta Śliwińska.

However, it inherited the manufacturer’s profile and family style of the old-name company.


The painting and its object are never the same thing.
– Pablo Ruiz Picasso

We are willing to establish long-term cooperation for the manufacture of canvas stratchers and underpaintings.