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Wojciech Wtorkowski

Wojciech Wtorkowski’s painting from the beginning of his artistic activity has undergone the process of maturing the form. In his early drawings that can also be called paintings because the colour or the spot of brush were always present in them, the influence of the epoch, the period in which they were created, is visible. In the works on paper, we can see the characteristics of surrealism, psychedelia of the seventies, references to cultural and political events. In the paintings, we can see the fascination with abstraction, expression, colour, and the form of the work. The artist acts intuitively. Painting gesture in itself is the value in the painting, the final result of which even the author cannot predict. What is most important in Wojciech Wtorkowski’s works is experiencing, this is a form of inspirational painting, where, as in the music sounds occur one after another, creating a song, here the colourful spot made with a gesture releases emotional composition. Maturing of Wojtek’s painting involves the development of experiencing, perhaps it leads to the search for an ideal colourful spot of the form out of this world, to pure emotion.


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