Stretcher Bars

Canvas stretcher by STOLAR

We offer the service of stretching images printed on canvas.

Our canvas stretchers are used for painting supports’ production and prints on canvas. Made of top-quality knotless pine timber, dried in computer-controlled dryers down to 8-10% humidity level. The timber is FSC-certified: the symbol of sustainable forestry.

In case of larger stretchers, we also offer reinforcement bars or cross-shaped reinforcements.

Basic profiles:
> 20 x 25 mm
> 20 x 35 mm
> 20 x 45 mm
Standard dimensions: 15 cm to 200 cm, with 5 cm step

Maximum stretcher’s length: 400 cm.
We can deliver all atypical dimensions as well.

Our customers are artists, painters, specialized warehouses and shops for artists, painting support and hand-made paintings and canvas prints’ manufacturers, both domestic and foreign.

Shipping by UPS and DHL. We organize our own shipping service for larger orders. Personal collection of ordered items is possible.

Let’s do business together!

We are willing to establish long-term cooperation for the manufacture of canvas stratchers and underpaintings.

Stretcher bars triangular

Strip to the stretcher bars

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